Prophets who only prophesy blessings and never rebuke

So many prophets on Facebook allegedly prophesying to people about blessings but is there still any prophets left who are prophesying against a sinful lifestyle? Is there any prophets who are not afraid to bring forward a balanced message from God?

People joining multiple Facebook live prophetic flow sessions just to hear about what God will give them but not interested in what God wants to correct in their lives. Do we realize that a Prophet’s rebuke and correction actually leads to growth and consequently the blessings and miracles we are after?

Is God only appointing prophets these days to announce blessings without calling us to order? What is the role of a prophet being an oracle of God if you only bring promises and never deal with what will lead a person to a transformed life?

Everyone wants to be a prophet prophesying on Facebook because we think it’s as easy as just encouraging people and blessing them for an offering. True prophets were used by God to call the people to order and that caused people to reject the prophet. True prophets do not have many followers. Let’s open our Bibles and ask Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist to name a few, whether they were just easily dishing out blessings. These prophets were arrested, beaten, killed etc. for bringing correction and today we think we can just sit on Facebook doing feel good messages and calling ourselves prophets?


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