Paper or Electronic Bible?

Elecronic Pocket Bible

For those who complain about electronic Bibles, please note that the power of the Word of God is not based on a paper format nor on an electronic device. The Word is Spirit and is hosted on paper, on electronics or in a human vessel. When the Word finds a home in a human and it collides with faith, it comes alive and amazing things happen. The key is that the Word finds a way into a human vessel and is applied in faith. I dare say that God does not care if it came from a paper Bible or an electronic Bible as long as it is in the human vessel otherwise known as a living soul. So if your preference is a paper Bible, I beseech you to go ahead and be blessed by the Word in that format without complaining about those who may have a preference for the electronic format. Let’s be careful not to make a doctrine out of our personal preferences because no where in the Bible does it say it must be read only on paper.

Hard Copy Paper Bible

The Word was written on paper because paper was the format used in written communication in the times of old. Today we have available to us paper and electronic devices as communications media. There are environments where your hard copy Bible cannot go but your phone can go. There are places you cannot carry a hard copy Bible into but you have access to a computer for other purposes and you can use the computer to access an electronic Bible. I believe that God expects us to use whatever is in our hands to know his Word and do his work. On judgement day, Jesus will not ask us if we read the Bible on paper or on a phone or computer. It’s ok to have a preference but let there be no condemnation within the body of Christ on trivialities such as this. Both Bible formats are acceptable as long as you are getting the Word in you and being transformed into the nature of Christ. We have bigger fishes to fry in the 21st century church such as getting ready for the return of Christ. Let’s focus on getting the church ready to be the bride without spot or wrinkle and our heavenly crown will be assured.
All in love ❤️