Ministry is bigger than Facebook

Let me say this, announcing our giving, our activities, our various preaching events and conferences on Facebook is not a sign that we are pleasing God nor that we are the only ones serving God. Whoever is the loudest on Facebook is not God’s most faithful servant. Yes Facebook is a good platform for spreading the gospel but there is also a real world out there and there are many ministering consistently outside of Facebook without always having an announcement here. The real work of the Church is out there in the trenches where we truly get our hands dirty in bringing about true transformation in the lives of people. Many of us are seeking a popular platform more than we want to just serve God in any capacity.

Some have asked why I am not doing my live teachings here like before, I am glad you miss my teachings here but my answer is “ministry is bigger than what goes on on Facebook”. I will come on Facebook as led but the times I am not ministering here does not indicate that I am not ministering at all.

For some people Facebook has become a god, a means to show what we are capable of, to show what we own, to prove to others that we are more accomplished and more successful. Sharing our successes here is not in itself a bad thing but many of us need to check ourselves and our motives for being so loud out here on these streets. Many of us are motivated by pride, competition and worldliness and the need to be seen as the best. We are seeking to be applauded and celebrated but under the guise of fronting Jesus.

Listen to the still small voice today, God is asking some of us here to shut down and take off Facebook to kill that thing in your soul that must be here talking, shouting and showing off. Crucify that flesh by sitting quietly for a season and serving God in ways that Facebook cannot see. When you can truly serve God without an audience clapping for you, then you have begun to understand what real servanthood in the Kingdom is.

This is how God deals with me many times and it helps me not to do things because others are doing it nor doing things to keep up with the Jones’. I pray the Spirit puts someone in check today and help you to be still and know that He rewards what we do in secret. It’s not always about having a loud public platform. It’s not about who sees what we are doing and how popular we become.

All in love,


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