Praying out of fear or faith?

Are you praying out of fear or from a place of faith? Many believers do not realize that if your fear is what is backing your prayer, you are simply empowering the enemy and like Job, that which you fear will come upon you. We must be faith driven if we are to fuel our prayers for the results we seek.

Faith is a word we throw around often in Christian circles. The word faith is even used to describe our Christian denominational affiliations. It is often asked “What is your faith”? For many believers, it is a hypothesis that is yet to be tested and proven. A proposition which we all would like to place before every Red Sea challenge in our lives but one which seems to keep eluding us. Many of us end up on a road of secret frustration which we dare not express for fear we would be described as lacking faith.

Let us take the lid off this tight box in which we have been hiding our doubts about whether God does indeed answer when we pray in faith. I believe He is indeed a faithful God who does what He says. What then could be the issue?

I remember being in a season in which nothing seemed to work in my life. I prayed, fasted, stayed in the word, worshipped, waited on the Lord, remained in my process, called on true prophets of God to stand in the prayer of agreement with me and even did cast out a few devils but things appeared even worse than before. I thought I had faith and could not envisage how this scenario of so many failures in the the midst of prayer could be possible. I will not lie, I doubted God! I wrestled with God! I was confused and the enemy had me exactly where he wanted. A repeat of the story of mother Eve was playing out in my mind. Like Eve, I had a question to answer. Did God really say if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can tell this mountain to be cast into the sea and it will obey?

I did not realize that fear rather than faith had set in my heart and even though I was praying with what looked like godly authority, I really was walking in unbelief. Seeds of discouragement were in full bloom and the only fruits I could reap were those of fear. I was praying out of my fear and not from a place of faith. I was praying from a place of defeat and not of the victory that was already given to me at the cross some 2000 years ago. Many of you reading this have walked this same road. Ask yourself today “Am I gripped with fear even as I confess that I am more than a conqueror”? Are you robotically telling the devil to die by fire because you heard someone else do so or do you really see the finished work of Christ which gave you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions?

I have news for you. Unless you have truly encountered the Jesus who disarmed the enemy of our soul, it will be near impossible to pray from a standpoint of faith rather than fear. Colossians 2:15 says “And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.” We need to believe this verse when faced with circumstances that seem insurmountable and reject the spirit of fear when we pray or when we make confessions of victory. If we pray while being afraid of what may happen, we may not get the desired results.

It is time the church learns to seek Jesus by not just making empty confessions that we have a personal relationship with Christ, but by looking past our Pastors and Prophets and spending quality time in the secret place where we can encounter Jesus. Only out of an encounter can we boldly pray with the assurance that we are victorious. Only in intimacy with Jesus can His perfect love cast out all fear from our hearts and give us a knowing of His faithfulness that cannot be shaken by the storms of life. When you encounter the Lion if the tribe of Judah, you will roar at every enemy that attempts to stand in the way of your faith knowing without a doubt in your heart that your Daddy is the King of this jungle!

Right now rid yourself of all fear, put on the garment of faith and Roar at COVID 19 for Jesus already defeated him on the cross. #AEtta

Prophets who only prophesy blessings and never rebuke

So many prophets on Facebook allegedly prophesying to people about blessings but is there still any prophets left who are prophesying against a sinful lifestyle? Is there any prophets who are not afraid to bring forward a balanced message from God?

People joining multiple Facebook live prophetic flow sessions just to hear about what God will give them but not interested in what God wants to correct in their lives. Do we realize that a Prophet’s rebuke and correction actually leads to growth and consequently the blessings and miracles we are after?

Is God only appointing prophets these days to announce blessings without calling us to order? What is the role of a prophet being an oracle of God if you only bring promises and never deal with what will lead a person to a transformed life?

Everyone wants to be a prophet prophesying on Facebook because we think it’s as easy as just encouraging people and blessing them for an offering. True prophets were used by God to call the people to order and that caused people to reject the prophet. True prophets do not have many followers. Let’s open our Bibles and ask Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist to name a few, whether they were just easily dishing out blessings. These prophets were arrested, beaten, killed etc. for bringing correction and today we think we can just sit on Facebook doing feel good messages and calling ourselves prophets?


Ministry is bigger than Facebook

Let me say this, announcing our giving, our activities, our various preaching events and conferences on Facebook is not a sign that we are pleasing God nor that we are the only ones serving God. Whoever is the loudest on Facebook is not God’s most faithful servant. Yes Facebook is a good platform for spreading the gospel but there is also a real world out there and there are many ministering consistently outside of Facebook without always having an announcement here. The real work of the Church is out there in the trenches where we truly get our hands dirty in bringing about true transformation in the lives of people. Many of us are seeking a popular platform more than we want to just serve God in any capacity.

Some have asked why I am not doing my live teachings here like before, I am glad you miss my teachings here but my answer is “ministry is bigger than what goes on on Facebook”. I will come on Facebook as led but the times I am not ministering here does not indicate that I am not ministering at all.

For some people Facebook has become a god, a means to show what we are capable of, to show what we own, to prove to others that we are more accomplished and more successful. Sharing our successes here is not in itself a bad thing but many of us need to check ourselves and our motives for being so loud out here on these streets. Many of us are motivated by pride, competition and worldliness and the need to be seen as the best. We are seeking to be applauded and celebrated but under the guise of fronting Jesus.

Listen to the still small voice today, God is asking some of us here to shut down and take off Facebook to kill that thing in your soul that must be here talking, shouting and showing off. Crucify that flesh by sitting quietly for a season and serving God in ways that Facebook cannot see. When you can truly serve God without an audience clapping for you, then you have begun to understand what real servanthood in the Kingdom is.

This is how God deals with me many times and it helps me not to do things because others are doing it nor doing things to keep up with the Jones’. I pray the Spirit puts someone in check today and help you to be still and know that He rewards what we do in secret. It’s not always about having a loud public platform. It’s not about who sees what we are doing and how popular we become.

All in love,


My take on Kanye West’s conversion

Could Kanye West be a type of Paul in this generation? Has God not shown that he can take the least likely person such as the intellectual murderer that Paul was and use them to have worldwide impact across generations? Could God be wanting to take a lost Hollywood celebrity and use him to take this generation to the cross like never before?

What makes us think that we qualify to be saved and in the house of God yet Kanye is not welcome? Is your own walk with the Lord clean and faultless? If God were to shine the light on our closet sins would we look better than Kanye West? In all the years some of us have been saved how many souls have we harvested for Jesus? Who made us judge over Kanye’s conversion? Could God be counting on you and I to intercede for Kanye to stay true to his call so that God can use him to touch the millions who follow him around the world? Oh Church of Jesus Christ, how could we be so blind not to see our assignment for intercession on this man’s life? How could we sit in our glass houses and throw stones? What makes Kanye’s sins worse than yours and mine? Did Jesus bring us into His body to gossip about who qualifies to be saved? Do we realize that we are called to help bring in the harvest and that God wants to harvest every soul including Kanye West? Oh holier than thou generation, who made you gods over the conversion of Kanye West?

May God break our hearts for every lost soul no matter how bad we judge them to have been. May we repent of our stinking attitude that makes us think we can come into Church and shut the door behind us. May we travail on our knees with groaning and intercession for the life of even one sheep such as Kanye West so that this man can not only come to Jesus but stay with Jesus.

“What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretense“What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretense, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:18‬ ‭KJV


Ministers: Retreat to Refuel

Sometimes I retreat from public ministration because I am convinced that I need more time at the feet of Jesus yielding to my process and learning to be more like Him. There are ways about me that must be purged by the Lord otherwise I cannot be to you who He has called me to be. Being a minister of the gospel does not automatically make us flawless and devoid of the weaknesses we assist others in dealing with. As ministers, constantly being in the public eye and ministering with little or no time to draw from The Well leads to the possibility of ministering from the flesh to the Church hence we have many spiritually malnourished Christians. As a mater of fact, one of the reasons we see so much sexual sin, pride and financial greed amongst MOG and WOG is because many of us stopped learning and growing in character after Bible School. A Bible School graduation or an ordination does not erase the iniquities you wrestled with before you became a minister. You will need to continue being discipled by God either directly or through a mentor.

It is important that every minister finds that tipping point and ensure they know when to sit still and be ministered to by the Holy Spirit so that we can be refueled. You need time away from all the distractions of ministry to eat the word and allow it’s transforming power to do its work in you without being pulled in every direction by the brethren you serve. We have often heard the question being asked, “Who will minister to the Pastor”? Many ministers are too proud to accept that they are broken, wounded, angry, hurt or simply spiritually dry and not fit to preach, teach or prophesy at a given point. We have presented ourselves as super human to our congregants and mentees.

One of the biggest challenges you and I will face in ministry is the temptation to keep going on an empty tank and keep pouring out to satisfy the expectations of others, to keep ministering just to raise offerings and tithes and to meet the pressure of those who we may have positioned to think that we are the only ones who carry the solutions to their problems hence we are their “god”.

Ultimately, I am reminded that I work for Jesus and sometimes much like we undergo professional development at work, He will send us for further training, to conferences, to sit under a mentor or to just sit at His feet so we can be trained and refueled for the next season. MOG/WOG the Holy Spirit may identify things in your life that He wants to work on so you can be a vessel fit for carrying the oil you need In order to walk in the level of power necessary for your ministerial purpose. Listen to the Holy Spirit above the voices that build your ego and cause you to be in the limelight in a season when you may need to be behind closed doors in the secret place.

It is not a sign of weakness to admit that you also need help and ministry. It is even better to turn over your church or ministry to another leader or shut it down and send the brethren to attend elsewhere than to try to look superhuman and end up in a scandal or committing suicide in the future. Let us admit that we struggle with the same things that regular brethren struggle with. Being highly anointed does not mean you have it all together. Without going regularly to fill up your gas tank in the presence and by the power of God, you will hit a breaking point one day. No need to live a life of deception towards those who look up to you with a mask that misleads them to think you are a powerful MOG or WOG when you are crying for help on the inside. The anointing is still carried in earthen vessels!

2 Corinthians 4:7 says But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.


Can you give up EVERYTHING? Really?

As I was in my study time, I read and began to meditate on Luke 14:33 which says “In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples”. Jesus tells us what it takes to be His disciple. It is not possible to gain entry into Harvard University without knowing the criteria for entry and once in, you will also need to know the criteria for success. So we come as we are. We all come as sinners. 1 Timothy 1:15-16 says “Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercso that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his immense patience as an example for those who would believe in him and receive eternal life”.

Once we come as sinners, God begins to work in us if we are open to receive. God does not force us to come nor does he impose change and transformation on us. Whether we transition from being the sinner who came to a disciple is totally a choice we make. There are many of us who have come to Jesus and we hang around Him but we have not become disciples. We came and rather than make the transition, we connected with others who shared similar sins like us and felt too comfortable to want change. So I became a Christian and found Sally in the Church and Sally likes to go dancing on Saturdays just like me. Sally and I start to go clubbing every weekend and we convince ourselves that as long as we do not fornicate with the men we meet at the club we are fine. Some weeks we are too tired to go to church the next morning so we sleep in. When Pastor mentions he has not seen me at church for a while, I lie to cover up. I love the Lord and I have accepted Jesus as my savior but He is not yet my Lord. Now I am torn between my love for clubbing and making a sacrifice to fully commit to attending church and growing in character. After all if I lie a few times about why I missed church, I can repent and Jesus is patient to forgive me.

This is only a small example of how the love of the world can affect whether we remain a baby Christian or transition into a true disciple of Christ. In order to become a disciple, we need to make a choice. We need to make a sacrifice. We will need to give up many things if Christianity is going to be more than just belonging to a social club that meets on Sundays. Are you willing and ready to give up not just some things but everything? Luke 14:33 is as crystal clear as it gets; Jesus is asking for you and I to give up everything!

What does giving up everything mean? Does Jesus want you to suddenly go homeless, without a car, to give all your clothes to charity and stop going on lavish vacations? Is He asking for you to stop having any type of fun in your life? Not at all. Jesus’ prescription for being a disciple is referring to a condition of the heart. There will be times in your walk when you may need to give up your car or house in obedience. Will you do it? Jesus will test you as you grow in your walk with Him. He will ask you to place your Isaac on the altar. Will you obey like Abraham did or is there something in your life that you cannot give up for Jesus? If He took away your spouse, all your children, your business, your job and even your health, will you curse Him and die or will you like Job saythe Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, blessed be His name”? Can the Lord trust you to ask for anything from you and know you will give it up and not forsake the faith?

The process of giving up everything is the breaking process. It is the road to obedience, humility and true surrender. This is the place where God can really trust you. This is the place where your pride is killed and you begin to walk in supernatural power yet you do not boast in yourself. Now you have become a disciple and where He leads you follow regardless of the cost. This is where God is calling us to be. In this place, Jesus is our all and in Him we have our being. In this place, we have become a living sacrifice and live for Jesus. Will you give up everything to be His disciple?


Believers who keep taking from Ministers and never give back.

This will help many of you who may be trying your hardest to connect with a MOG or WOG that you admire. Maybe they flow in a powerful anointing and you desire to one day minister like them and so you want their time to disciple you. Maybe they pray and things happen, maybe they can do powerful spiritual warfare and cast out devils and you need their help in your life. Or maybe they can prophecy accurately and you really would like to be close to someone who can give you a prophetic word at any time.

Let me begin with this, if you follow my ministry you already know that I am not one who puts finances above the actual work of ministry neither do I take advantage of those who come to me for prayer just because they may be in a vulnerable place in their lives. Now that we have established this, let me share something very important about genuine servants of God who are truly working for the Kingdom. Even when a minister is sold out and makes many sacrifices to pray for you, counsel you and support you as much as they can, remember this:

⁃ The Minister may never ask you for money, they may not collect tithes and offerings from you but the ministry has needs and bills that must be paid. How do you think those bills are covered?

⁃ The minister has personal bills and likely has a home to take care of. If you keep taking the ministers time in prayer and counselling and never think of how to willfully support them, how do you think he or she manages to pay their personal bills?

⁃ If you keep calling and texting the minister, visiting them for prayer continuously, when do you think they have time to spend with their spouse and children. If you have been complaining about the minister not being accessible and attributed it to pride or their lack of care for you and other brethren, please repent now of your own selfishness. Do you want the minister’s family to be destroyed leading to divorce and wayward children due to an absentee mother or father who is out there busy pleasing others and meeting the demands of self centered believers?

⁃ If you keep taking prayers, deliverance, counseling and prophetic ministrations from the minister and you have never sowed financially into their ministry or Church and you do not volunteer to help with some ministry or church duties, how do you think it is possible to keep serving you and the community? Who should help to provide the same types of services you expect from the ministry or church?

⁃ If the minister cannot have quiet time to study, meditate and seek God because they must do part time jobs to pay their bills since you will not participate in supporting them, what type of anointing do you think the minister carries? This explains why many ministers are spiritually dry and therefore next time you show up, they will minister from their tired flesh and not from the Spirit of God.

⁃ When you continuously pester a minister for prophetic words, guess what? They will tell you what God had not said and then when it does not come to pass, you will be the first to gossip about the minister being a false prophet.

⁃ If a minister avoids you when you call or visit, could it be because you keep taking from them and never giving back? Is there any bank in the world from which you can keep making withdrawals and never making deposits? When the coffers become empty, what next?

Before you think a minister is proud, does not care, hard to reach, never answers calls, think about whether you have deposited anything into that ministry or church. Before you gossip about another genuine hardworking servant of God who is out there giving so much of themselves and getting very little sustenance from members like you, think again. There are many Pastors who are drained, penny less and discouraged because they are true servants of God who refuse to financially abuse the body of Christ but many members just keep taking from them without supporting them. Yes we cannot charge for the anointing, but a MOG or WOG needs to eat, wear clothes and pay bills in order to be available to serve you.

If you chase after false prophets who charge you for a prayer, deliverance or prophetic word, yet you cannot freely give to those true prophets who have been there for you, then check your heart. What are you truly after? You are contributing to the rise of charlatans in the body of Christ because some pastors have understood that unless they take advantage of you financially they may not have food on their tables or clothes on their backs. You are raising false prophets because many have understood that you keep putting pressure on them to Prophesy to you when they are tired and God has not spoken so they will lie to you to get an offering. Church of God, who has bewitched you? Wake up and take responsibility for the basic sustenance of those true MOG and WOG who care for you and watch over your souls. Do not push them to a place of desperation! Do not take from them until the reservoir runs dry and then abandon them. Do not expose ministers to the temptation of abusing their members financially just to survive. What makes you think that the minister must keep giving to you and keep loving you when you cannot love them also by being considerate of their time and needs?

1 Timothy 5:18

For the Scripture says, “You must not muzzle an ox to keep it from eating as it treads out the grain.” And in another place, “Those who work deserve their pay!”

Wisdom Tips

One thing I have learnt in my many decades of life (too many to list) is that God made each human with a beautiful purpose no matter their current condition in life and therefore, if we stay connected to our Maker, follow His guidance and obey His word, we will get to our God ordained destination. It may be quick or it may take long but but you will sure get there if you follow God’s plan for you. When I was younger I wanted things to happen at my pace but now that I am older, I only want things to happen at God’s pace. it does not matter who goes ahead of me.

If I can pass some wisdom to those who may read this, trust God’s timing in your life, do not look left or right. Do not look at what others may be doing or failing to do. Everyone is in a different season of life. Do all you can to locate God’s blueprint for you and follow it. Some of us are meant to climb mountains while others are meant to navigate the seas, some will impact millions while others may impact a few. When all is said and done, God will judge you based on what He gave you and what you did with it. Notice it’s about what He gave you and not what He gave others. Life is not a competition! It is about commanding the space carved out for you by God. The space may be small just like it may be big. What matters is that you identify your own space.

God can suddenly raise someone who is humble to the top from nothing. God can also crush someone who was at the top with a big ego down to nothing. It is God alone who lifts man! I have learnt not to mock others no matter how low they may be today, tomorrow they may rise. I have learnt not to put down others no matter how blessed I may be today because we may exchange positions tomorrow. That person you judge as useless or beneath you may just be the angel God sent to take you to your next level. Hebrews 13:2 says Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

After you eat from a pot, do not scatter the remaining food and break the pot. The food may no longer taste good to you but that may be the only food that will nourish others coming behind you. The fact that your taste changed does not mean that the food is now bad.

Always build bridges. Without a bridge, you may never get to the other side alive. After you cross the bridge, be careful not to pull it down as you may one day come back that same way.

Honor those who walked that path before you. There are some things they know which may save your life. Their silence or what you may consider their weakness may actually be an act of wisdom and a strength. Learn from them even when what they are saying or doing does not make obvious sense. They know where all the traps are hidden on the road.

We all are messed up but for the transforming grace of God. I for one am nothing without God. Let humility, forgiveness and compassion reign in all our interactions with family and friends but even with these, godly wisdom is King!

Job 12:12 Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding?