Christ above Materialism

For years many church leaders have taught the people how to use Jesus as a means to their own selfish ends. We have taught people to come to Jesus as a way of getting things and not as a way of giving and sacrificing of ourselves like Jesus did on the cross. We have built a church worldwide filled with majority of believers who don’t know how to love God and love fellow brethren. We are on a race for who will amass the most materially and gain the biggest anointing to show others what God has done for us. When all is said and done, it was about me myself and I all along wanting to place Mr, Mrs or Miss Ego on the throne. As a pastor, my heart bleeds for the church. We church leaders must repent for misleading the flock and pray for the wisdom to know how to reorient the people of God back to God and away from the desperation for material aggrandizement. Ask yourself today:
If Jesus never blesses me can I still love Him?
Can I sacrifice my all for the sake of the Kingdom even when it is not comfortable?
Can I stay in that Church or ministry to build rather than tear down even when I don’t get my way?
Can I give my gift of singing, playing instruments, preaching, prophesying, healing, administration to the church or ministry for free even when I am in hardship?
Can I serve God and His people even when I don’t understand why God has not answered my own prayers?
Can I intercede for my enemies instead of praying “die by fire” warfare prayers so they can be transformed and brought into the kingdom?

I could go on but let the Holy Spirit put a check in your spirit today and reveal the selfishness in your service to God. Jesus is coming soon and we must preach the undiluted gospel that points people to Jesus and not to houses, cars, life’s luxuries, personal comfort and the many lusts of the world. Blessings are good and Jesus came that we would have life abundantly but above all else, true life is in Christ alone and not is the religion called materialism!

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