Ministers: Retreat to Refuel

Sometimes I retreat from public ministration because I am convinced that I need more time at the feet of Jesus yielding to my process and learning to be more like Him. There are ways about me that must be purged by the Lord otherwise I cannot be to you who He has called me to be. Being a minister of the gospel does not automatically make us flawless and devoid of the weaknesses we assist others in dealing with. As ministers, constantly being in the public eye and ministering with little or no time to draw from The Well leads to the possibility of ministering from the flesh to the Church hence we have many spiritually malnourished Christians. As a mater of fact, one of the reasons we see so much sexual sin, pride and financial greed amongst MOG and WOG is because many of us stopped learning and growing in character after Bible School. A Bible School graduation or an ordination does not erase the iniquities you wrestled with before you became a minister. You will need to continue being discipled by God either directly or through a mentor.

It is important that every minister finds that tipping point and ensure they know when to sit still and be ministered to by the Holy Spirit so that we can be refueled. You need time away from all the distractions of ministry to eat the word and allow it’s transforming power to do its work in you without being pulled in every direction by the brethren you serve. We have often heard the question being asked, “Who will minister to the Pastor”? Many ministers are too proud to accept that they are broken, wounded, angry, hurt or simply spiritually dry and not fit to preach, teach or prophesy at a given point. We have presented ourselves as super human to our congregants and mentees.

One of the biggest challenges you and I will face in ministry is the temptation to keep going on an empty tank and keep pouring out to satisfy the expectations of others, to keep ministering just to raise offerings and tithes and to meet the pressure of those who we may have positioned to think that we are the only ones who carry the solutions to their problems hence we are their “god”.

Ultimately, I am reminded that I work for Jesus and sometimes much like we undergo professional development at work, He will send us for further training, to conferences, to sit under a mentor or to just sit at His feet so we can be trained and refueled for the next season. MOG/WOG the Holy Spirit may identify things in your life that He wants to work on so you can be a vessel fit for carrying the oil you need In order to walk in the level of power necessary for your ministerial purpose. Listen to the Holy Spirit above the voices that build your ego and cause you to be in the limelight in a season when you may need to be behind closed doors in the secret place.

It is not a sign of weakness to admit that you also need help and ministry. It is even better to turn over your church or ministry to another leader or shut it down and send the brethren to attend elsewhere than to try to look superhuman and end up in a scandal or committing suicide in the future. Let us admit that we struggle with the same things that regular brethren struggle with. Being highly anointed does not mean you have it all together. Without going regularly to fill up your gas tank in the presence and by the power of God, you will hit a breaking point one day. No need to live a life of deception towards those who look up to you with a mask that misleads them to think you are a powerful MOG or WOG when you are crying for help on the inside. The anointing is still carried in earthen vessels!

2 Corinthians 4:7 says But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.