Easter: Biblical or pagan godess?

My Bible teaches me that I will know the truth and the truth shall set me free. This is why I believe that truth heals me. If I profess to be Christian and accept that the Bible is the word of God, if I use the Bible as my standard for truth, then anything contrary to Biblical truth is suspect. As much as we all grew up with various Christian traditions which have become a part of our lives, we must be open to examine everything we do under the guise of Christianity with the Bible as the yardstick. This is the only way we will walk in the light of His word.

Easter in one of those cute little traditions that we have so fallen in love with, especially in the west, where we celebrate with Easter bunnies and all these awesomely colorful eggs. Don’t we just love to see that sweet little toddler all dressed up in spring patterns and colors racing alongside her counterparts in an attempt at gathering the most eggs for her lovely basket? If you are like me, you too got carried away with the apparent beauty of this tradition but as Christians, have we stopped to ask why we do this? Is the word Easter in the Bible? If it is, please help a sister out here. Did we see the apostles or any of the prophets with baskets gathering eggs? I know there were 5 loaves and 2 fishes but I don’t remember that there were some eggs in the mix, do you? Can you imagine the apostle Paul dressed as an Easter bunny as a way of celebrating Christ’s resurrection?

You may be thinking, why not let sleeping dogs lie. Ok, I get it, let’s not rock the boat and upset the status quo after all this is ratified by the Christian establishment. I know that it is easier to go with the flow of things the way our parents, pastors and priests have always done it but is this not how the Pharisees and Sadducees held unto traditions to a point where the truth stood before them in the person of Jesus the Christ and they rejected and crucified him?

Let me leave you with some food for thought. If you really want to continue celebrating Easter, please do your own research and find out more on the following:

  • Easter is derived from the word Eastre, a goddess of spring in ancient pagan religion
  • Both the rabbit and the eggs are symbols of fertility in ancient Babylonian tradition

How do we end up with a pagan goddess and 2 Babylonian symbols of fertility for the celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection? How does this end up being more about the sales of bunnies, baskets and eggs, and about the branding and commercialization of the term “Easter” by business people who are not promoting Christ. All of this leaves the church behind the scenes sounding like an afterthought and struggling to remind us that we are really celebrating Jesus. Could we have used terms such as “Resurrection Day” “Passover” or any other terms that retain the true meaning of what we are celebrating? It is time we Christians stand up for the truth and stop allowing the devil to run the show. Like you, I am learning to identify truth daily. I pray for boldness in you and me to stand for truth once we know it. Let’s take back those things which mean so much to our faith. Why are we christianizing pagan holidays and traditions? God warns us about this in Deuteronomy 12:4 “Do not worship God like the pagans worship their idols.”  Let us be like the Bereans who “received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so” (Acts 17:10-11) Rather than just go along with the world’s christianization of pagan traditions, let’s always check how the things we do measure against Biblical truth before joining the party!





8 thoughts on “Easter: Biblical or pagan godess?

  1. Same questions I was struggling with this Easter. I honestly did not want to wake up sleeping dogs. I am glad you did. Yessssssssss. Easter and eggs??? Hmmmm Good food for thought


  2. I wrote about this a year or two ago and wanted to write about it again this year but feel ill on during this ‘easter’ period. We were invited by a Christian friend to bring along our children so that they go go search for eggs but we declined. Many people think we (my husband and I) are going doing it too much, the Christain thing. The truth of the matter is what is not biblical is not only ‘suspect’ it is a big LIE from the pits of hell tanned as tradition, it does no harm etc. We need to check and double check all those seemingly ‘good’ things if they really are of God. We better ask Eve. The fruit seemed good but was not good for her nor her husband. We need to start seeking, speaking and spreading these TRUTHS and I sincerely thank God for the WOG that you are.


  3. Wow, this is a thought-provoking one here; I never knew about the history of the eggs etc. I don’t practice the egg hunting just cause I never grew up on it, it’s nice to be educated. The resurrection of Christ though, is KEY to the foundation of our Christian faith, irrespective of whatever denomination we approach it from, there are just some foundations all Christians should agree on. This is what separates why we believe in Christ as our Lord & savior rather than as just a prophet. We truly should not dilute this period with the distraction of eggs & bunnies


  4. In order to get your answers to your legit question. You have to hit your history books. Unfortunately i can’t quote names. Remember Christianity was operating as an under ground church. I know that an influential person in the community was saved. He thereby spread the word. And they then tried to make it main stream. some measures were taken. When Christianity became mainstream politics got involved. And for the sake of peace some other measures were taken to overide the pagan practices. But as usual politics got into the church. I can’t be bothered because I focus on Christ. If you focus on Him he will tell you what not to do or involved. He looks at the heart. There’s no perfect church. Remember the devil is a copy cat and there are practices which we are not aware of. for example the magi they were reading stars. Jesus Christ star shone so bright. Have you not heard people’s confessions that someone star is shinning bright and they focus on bringing the person down? More of the orthodox church Ethopia up to Isarel will have these in their books to answer your question. Being a copy cat – note it takes the same days for His death, resurrection, ascension for the same pagan practices. Complied documentaries I watched from various sources like Canal + History channel


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