Purify Me – Lyrics, listen, loot the store!

Many have requested the lyrics for this heaven inspired song. Straight from the deep, stirred up in the secret place, meditate on these words as you enjoy the sweet presence of the lover of your soul. Remember to bare all before the King, for in his presence, there is no pretense, he sees everything and still loves you so!


As I come in your presence

I lay down my guard

There is no pretense

As to who I am

So I lay on the altar

My shame and my pain

Intimacy is what I want


Oooh you are my lover ooh oh oh

Oooh ooh you are my keeper

The Lover of my soul

I give you my heart

Oooh ooh I give you my life



Purify me, sanctify me take me to a higher place

Justify me, elevate me take me on a holy chase

Rectify me, beautify me take me on a higher plain

Satisfy me, edify me now I got a brand new name


Humbled in your presence

I stand here in awe

I can see you in your glory

I know now my need

How I hunger for your healing

Stripped off my pride

I know you’re my

Only ho ho ho ho hope!


Purify me, oh

Sanctify me, yay

Justify me eh eh eh

Elevate me oh

Rectify me ahemn

Beautify me eh eh

Satisfy me edify me now I got a brand new name


Listen: And now for your listening pleasure:


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