Persecution of the Prophet

If God has given you a mighty assignment and you are manifesting His glory in your calling, you must surely have haters. You will have persecution from people. You will have many who don’t understand you and think you are too much, too proud, too confident, too bold, too loud. You will have people who think you must be silenced by any means. Sometimes your haters will be strangers but sometimes they will be posing as friends, family or your Christian brethren. Some just misunderstand your calling while others are being used as agents of the devil.
David was hated
Joseph was hated

Moses was hated 

John the Baptist was hated

Paul was hated

Even Jesus was hated
These people were not just hated but attempts were made to kill them.

If you are called into the office of the Prophet God will give you bold assignments, he will ask you to do uncommon things. This will make you a candidate for gossip and murmuring. If you are not hated, but loved by most, you just may not be legit. If people always like your messages, something may not be right. True prophets are bold in declaring the truth from God, they are not people pleasers.
Luke 11:49 Because of this, God in his wisdom said, ‘I will send them prophets and apostles, some of whom they will kill and others they will persecute.’ 
Today I pray for every true prophet called of God who is misunderstood, facing hatred or persecuted. I pray for protection from your haters, I pray for grace to stand for and boldly declare the truth without fear. I pray that you will not take offense at family, friends and brethren who think ill of you because you are different in style of ministry. I pray that your haters will not succeed in derailing you from your assignment. I pray that you will not place acceptance above your call but that even in those lonely moments, you will stay true to your assignment. 
God knows what you are going through and will reward you for your obedience. Do not be discouraged. Do not run from your calling but embrace it with joy. 

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