Purpose soars like an eagle

Purpose is calling someone today! Purpose is knocking on your door. You must get up and answer the call!

I am overwhelmed by the love of God in my life and I am so excited to be living the purpose for which I was born. Friends purpose trumps the need to aimlessly follow crowds and those in life who have nothing to do with your purpose. When you find your purpose, you are satisfied and fulfilled, you are grounded and cannot be shaken by contrary winds. Sometimes in life purpose will distance you from distractions that may seem attractive but yet futile. Purpose is strong enough to leave behind the superficial and not look back in regret. Purpose makes sacrifices. Sometimes you will lose friends when you go after your purpose but when all is said and done, purpose always wins. Purpose removes you from the trenches of shallow thinking and positions you in the company of high flyers, destiny helpers and connects you to those who already tred that path.

Purpose does not need human approval. It is divine! Purpose is the road less travelled that leads to a victorious destination. Purpose soars high like an eagle, alone sometimes but high above scavenger birds and aims for higher altitudes.

Stay focused on your purpose and as my girl Dr Nicoline Ambe will say “imagine’ the possibilities when you chase after your purpose. Purpose has vision even when it is surrounded by darkness. Purpose can see the way to the top. Imagine your future and may your purpose keep you on the path that will bring you all you need to be who God called you to be!

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