Spirituality 101

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This is the only field where those who do not work in or specialize in it are always bashing those who are more knowledgeable in it (because they work in it and are trained in it). My people, the fact that you may not have seen an angel or a devil does not mean that they don’t exist or that someone else has not seen them. You may never have experienced healing, deliverance, speaking in tongues etc. As educated as some of us claim to be, as much as we use our intellectual level to shun most things Supernatural or Biblical, if we were as intelligent as we think, we would know that:
knowledge is broader than the body of knowledge that I may have acquired
Knowledge stops for me where I chose to stop. Knowledge however continues for those who remain open to the possibility that there is more to be acquired.
I cannot pass definitive judgement on knowledge which I have not acquired. This will be equivalent to a child arguing with a chef that fire is cold when they have never touched it. The chef cooks with fire everyday and has experiential knowledge of fire.
Conclusion: If a Minister of God or mature child of God says something about a spiritual principle, if they say something about God that you have never learnt or experienced and consequently you do not understand, don’t term this as fake, lies, hypocrisy, pretense, judgmental, delusional, abusive or whatever other conclusions I see many casual Christians and unbelievers passing here on FB. The ‘intelligent’ thing for you to do or say would be something like ‘ I don’t understand this’ or ‘let me ask questions to find out more on this issue’ or ‘ I have no comments because I have not experienced this’.
You see, making ignorant comments about Christians is reverse discrimination and that is not ‘politically correct’. Admit to yourself that your education and experience is limited and this may just be an area you do not fully understand! Peace always!

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