Disclaimer: This blog is not meant for the faint, it will challenge your thinking as a believer. If it makes you angry, I am not the cause, it just means that something in you is resisting the truth. I will refrain from calling the name of that ‘something’.  This blog will cause you to ask yourself why you do a lot of things you have always done in the name of Christianity. Yes it will challenge me too as the writer, it will me before you. Like you, I was raised with many Christian traditions which I never questioned but then I realized that the Bible really did not endorse half the things we have always done. If this stirs you up, don’t feel bad, we are all learning and moving towards the truth daily. That is my goal and I pray the nuggets of truth you read here will cause you to search the pages of the Bible deeper. If I make an error, help me out with the truth. Truth hurts sometimes but I encourage you to be open. As for me, my name is Anita and ‘truth heals me’.💕

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