Do you Treat God like a house help?

  I bet you have never thought of the Almighty God as your “houseboy”! The mere thought of this is sickening and sacrilegious to say the least. We will all agree though that God is our helper and there are many beautiful songs in which we acknowledge and thank God for being our ‘helper in time of need’. So what is it that causes us to cringe when I equate God to a house help? The image of a house help is not exactly one of an almighty all powerful helper whom we honor and worship but rather a picture of a near second class citizen who we control with the aim of using to satisfy our needs. The house help is not exactly a friend or family member whose company we cherish, definitely not someone we serve but more like someone we tolerate because they are needed to do all the menial tasks for us. Many times,  we treat God like a house help whom we are barely tolerating because we need him to do all our chores for us. He does those things that no one else will do for us. Somehow we know deep in our spirit that no matter how badly we treat God, if we are in trouble and call him, he will come. So what do we do? We ignore him for the most part until a need arises that only He can handle. We command him; fix me this, give me that! You better show up when I call and do so fast! We won’t let him rest from our endless list of demands. 

We pay the house help minimum wage, the least we can pay them and get away with, kinda like the $2 bill or coins we throw in the offering bowl. If the house help asks for more money it is sacrilege, it’s time to get a different house help because this one is greedy. Yes we will leave that church because how dare they ask me to give a tithe or ask for offerings above and beyond the tithe? Doesn’t God know that the $2 are sufficient for his false prophet of a pastor? The minimum wage is sufficient for the house help because they only live with the bare necessities and no luxuries. The house of God is fine with the basics, the pastor should be content driving an old car that can barely get him to church because a Mercedes means that he is wasting money which could be put to better use. After all there are many poor and suffering people out in the parish who could use that extra money instead of the man of God. I recall that Jesus rebuked Judas when he pretended to care more about the poor in John 12:4-5 But one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, who was later to betray him, objected, “Why wasn’t this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year’s wages. How many times have you caught yourself talking like Judas the betrayer?

You see the house help is treated like they have no emotions, just do as I tell you and shut up. No time spent getting to really know the house help and the things that matter to them. Pleasing them is the last thing we think of, they are pretty much a second class being. While you are in this house you are only here to work for me, do not correct me on anything, see nothing, say nothing! If I curse at my family members, if I cheat on my wife, steal from the neighbors, I don’t need your opinion! Likewise, God is only allowed to come into our homes only to give us miracles, he must answer our prayers exactly as we requested otherwise he is not considered worthy of our worship. We get angry and blame God for all the things going wrong in the world. We will not obey or worship God because if he was a good house help he would have done as we asked! Oops did I really call God a house help? That must surely be blasphemous! Well that is exactly how we treat our Lord and savior many times. I for one have been guilty of that.

Time to stop and think about how we treat the God who gives us everything we have, the God who has all power, the one who can stop our sorry lives any minute if it wasn’t for his grace and mercy. My friends, God loves you and I and He wants to do more than just follow our orders, he wants a relationship with you and I. While he is the ultimate Helper, he is not our houseboy!

Think for a minute next time you need God to answer your prayer whether you have given any love to your maker lately. What seeds of prayer, fasting, tithing, offerings, relationship, obedience have you sown for that miracle you are seeking? Next time you want God’s best, have you given him your best? 

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2 thoughts on “Do you Treat God like a house help?

  1. Oh my God! I have been reading this over and over. Yes, we treat God as our house help, we treat Him as something that can be used at anytime when we need it and forget about it. We even challenge Him to prove Himself to us when we are in dire situations because we want Him to help us at our own time.
    We forget that His own time is the best time. We forget that He always has a good plan for us and His delays are not His denials. We even pretend to pray sometimes but forget that we have to be in the spirit before doing it, we forget that we have to be in one accord with Him before praying or during devotion because if we don’t do that, we will hear ourselves praying and the person next to us. God will never hear us and this can be very destructive because that is when the devil comes in. We shouldn’t tempt the devil to tempt us.
    We forget that life is a warfare and only the serious minded survive. We forget that our lives depend on Him. We forget that He is the alpha and the omega. We forget that He is worthy to be praised and we are here only by His abundant grace and mercy.
    It’s about time we start taking God seriously for He is a good and just God. He is always ready to accept us if we confess our sins, acknowledge Him, yield ourselves to the spirit, live our lives according to the standards of the Bible and be christlike. Giving tithes, doing charity works and offerings in church is not enough for our salvation and is not really important to God as to how it is given. God looks more into our hearts and our little efforts do not go unnoticed. That is why we have the story of the widow’s mite in the Bible. She presented her tithes with humility though it was small but God appreciated her more than the rest of the people who gave more.

    God expects us to behave in a certain way but He also knows our faith is weak and we can easily stray. That is why He sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for us and also to be our advocate. He is always there pleading and advocating on our behalf. So, instead of running away from Him because we feel we have done horrible things, we should instead run to Him and confess our sins and our names shall be written in the book of life.
    My prayer everyday is for God to place the right people on our paths to help spread the Word and also to lead us to a spirit filled church where we can continue hearing His gospel.
    God can use anybody and any medium to spread His word. He is doing this because He doesn’t want anybody to complain on the last day that they did not hear or understand His preaching and what He expects of us for His word reflects His character. He created us for a purpose.
    Anita, thank you for spreading the Word. I am glad to be a part of this. Blessings always!


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