Running after miracles, crusades and Prophets

Let me begin by saying no matter how surrendered to Christ we may be, because we are still human, we make mistakes daily. Although I do everything in my power and by his grace not to live a lifestyle of sin, every now and then, I realize I need to repent for lying, gossiping, gluttony and so forth. This is the life of the average believer, or at least so it should be! The life of a Pastor, Prophet, Evangelist or anyone called into the fivefold ministry should be even purer. Or is it really? In our miracle seeking world today, I see believers putting ministers of the gospel on a pedestal and then get very disappointed when the minister falls in sin. I see some believers who do not even care whether the fruits of the spirit can be seen in the minister’s life as long as they can get a miracle from the minister. The man or woman of God becomes a miracle factory in our eyes and so we run from crusade to crusade looking for miracles. We pay huge sums of money to sew seeds that should grow our miracles, we spend valuable time on the road from city to city, church to church and we tell everyone how we are believing God for something. Sometimes our miracle comes and we become the official PR of the miracle factory. We tell everyone about how our new god is wonderful. After a while we find ourselves back in a rot and the PR machine starts to sing a different tune; the prophet is now considered fake, all he wanted was our money. We suddenly realize that the prophet is a womanizer, he lacks integrity, he has been using Church money for personal pleasure. Hmmm, what just happened here? Let’s get a few things straight:
– the minister is human just like you and I, he is not a god and never will be no matter how many miracles he performs. Do not pursue miracles, seek Jesus!
– To err is human therefore the fact that you discover a ministers faults does not make them fake. We fall and get back up again by God’s grace. Does the minister reflect the fruits of the spirit in their lives and are they truly repentant when they sin?
– Yes, some ministers are indeed Charlatans, the devil goes to Bible School, gets ordained and preaches in Church every Sunday or holds miracle crusades from city to city. This is why you need discernment. Matt 7:20 says: ‘Therefore by their fruits you will know them’. Miracles are not fruits, they are signs and wonders.
– The sons of Sceva tried to perform signs and wonders without Jesus. Acts 19:14-15 Seven sons of a Jewish high priest named Sceva were doing this. But the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul I recognize, but who are you?”
So if you are thinking about the next crusade to attend or  the next Prophet to follow, ask yourself these questions:
– what are you really after?
– Could you be spending money running around from crusade to crusade to buy a miracle from a prophet who may not be a true servant of God? Do you see the fruits of the spirit in the Prophet?
– What are your true motives?
– If the devil were giving handouts at a mall near you, would you show up and receive it just because it meets your needs or satisfies your desires?
– If all a true Prophet of God had to offer was the word of God would you spend the same time, energy and money to seek after the word of God?
– Do you realize how much you would grow in Christ if you spent all this time drawing nearer to God? Your anointing would increase and God himself would answer your prayers.

– Rather than run after miracles, have you thought about what you can contribute to that crusade or to that Prophet’s ministry? Can you give so others can benefit too rather than just take?

I want to encourage you to start running after Jesus and He will give you all you are looking for. Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with attending crusades and honoring powerful men and women of God but the prophet cannot solve all your problems. Also, the prophet is not fake just because you did not get your miracle from them. And if you don’t get your miracle this side of heaven, if you seek Jesus, you will have eternal life. Salvation through Christ and subsequently eternal life is the greatest miracle you can ever pursue! The Bible says in Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

13 thoughts on “Running after miracles, crusades and Prophets

  1. So well written. I got to say I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading it, probably thought I will have to guard my brain to read something that made me squint. I finished reading and not one eyebrow raised in question, made so much simple sense, logical, not meant to judge, but quietly provoke thought. I really love this Anita, may God bless this journey you are on.

    I like the fact that you are drawing attention to something that I have been wondering about but didn’t know how to explain it, the difference between honoring the God whom you have come to love trough the facilitated teachings of your pastor, priest, prophet…. and now giving your prophet, pastor, priest, ALL the praise and glory, and the troublesome part, that you might not even realize it. Many of us, need the spirit of discernment to check inside, at every point, to know if we are honoring our church and church leaders, more than the God they are helping us know, but then paying lip service with Halleluiahs, and Amen Jesus, but the whole time thinking just how marvelous Pastor or Bishop is….Food For Thought. Who are you bowing to? the miracle prophet or God?. The signs and miracles we search these days, and the “seed” we sow, are we unknowingly trying to reward bishop for the expression of his own gifts, or truly sowing for God…Great write-up here sis.

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  2. Hey! I’m abit confused when u say u “although you do everything by ur power n by his grace”!!
    Cos this is were the whole problem starts from.. It’s because we think we need to do something dat we run from prophet to prophet and sew seeds!! When we begin to understand the true meaning of GRACE ( unmerited, unearned, undeserved favor) then we will stop the running around!!!
    It’s not our efforts that makes God love us it’s because He first loved us!!!!!

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  3. Yessssssssss!!!! Doing things in the name of Christianity. Hmmmm. I am excited. Holy Ghost release!!!!! I am jumping up and down now. Both believers and non believers need to do continuous self examination. I mean continuous. Not the attitude of that doesn’t concern me. Self examination is undeniably key to a closer walk. That is it !!!! Of course I am not an authority here. But hmmmmmmn. Truth is truth. Thanks sister Anita. FIRE on for the sake of both believers and non believers.

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  4. This is very deep!!
    Running here and there after miracle is a sign of unbelief to me. Signs and wonders shall follow them that belief and not the other way round. The God that the man of God prays to can equally hear us. We should stop giving them this exaggerated importance.

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  5. Thank you so much for this Sis Anita. We need to seek Christ and stop chasing miracles. When we seek Him, He will perform all the miracles we need without us running all over the place. I thank God for bringing you into my life and I know I have a lot to learn.

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  6. This is such an effortless read. For the believer, this piece is like fine spring morning breakfast. I pray that the giver of life who has blessed you thus far will inspire you to write more soul winning articles. By the way I am collecting these articles for you so the book can be ready before you know it.


  7. Anita, I must say I am shedding tears as I read through this blog. Not tears of sorrow, but of joy because I know without any doubt that; the inspiration came directly from the Holy Spirit Himself to you. Our people, God’s children need to wake up from that slumber of running after miracles and prophecies. Thank you for the inspirational message, and please do not relent. May the good Lord Who called you, continue to use you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

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  8. I’m back here because I cannot be quiet sister Anita Etta. One thing many fail to understand is that the Holy Spirit is not a monopoly.
    There is no junior Holy Ghost, senior Holy Ghost, female or male Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is not gender or racially biased. In the same way no denomination can claim to have a monopoly of the Holy Ghost. The spirit chooses were to manifest Himself. Where two or three are gathered in the name of the Lord, he’ll be there with them. All we need is to be gathered in the name of God and be sure we’re truly gathered in His name : we can be also sure He’s present with us. Our focus should not always be on seeing a manifestation because we might miss it all. He will manifest when He wants to. Besides, signs and wonders are not for those that already believe. They are more for those that still need to be reminded that miracles are real. We already know because we believe and it happens in our hands in our spirits because these are already things we’re used to. God gives different revelations to various people because He has a variety of ways in which He wants to reach people minister to them and ofcourse get them to go out and mininster to their world. When we lean on God and diligently seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit deeply and personally He orders our steps. Wherever He takes us we’ll know and we’ll bear the necessary fruits for His kingdom’s growth. I was born a pastor’s daughter raised in that denomination but I only found Christ in 2011. I thought I knew Him all along until I finally encountered Him. There’s a knowledge a practice but there’s an encounter and a way of life that makes all the difference and nobody but the Spirit himself can reveal that to anybody. Sometimes we could get too excited about our revelations that we assume others haven’t had their own encounters because they don’t act like us or don’t worship where we are. It’s important for brethren to nurture each other and share the beauty of Christ. The pure unadulterated word of God will set everyone free. Our steps will be ordered and we’ll know why we are where we are at a given point and why we must stay focused on the purpose we’ve been commissioned to pursue. There will be no rivalry among churches and ministries. No comparisons and condemnations. Each will follow their own ordained path and make sure the father’s work is accomplished for the rejoicing is best when we rejoice together reporting to the father how we each invested our “talents “.

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  9. Thanks for sharing. Jesus Christ has become our life and we have to sit at his feet and grow. Learn of Him and you will not be blown by all winds of doctrine. Many have forgotten that they are God’s children and that God their Heavenly Father will answer them if they call out to him. There is no mediator between man and God except Jesus Christ. Please learn to know your Heavenly Father and talk to him directly; He will answer, for He has promised to.


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